Training with Power

CompuTrainer Classes

8 week program designed to help you take your cycling to the next level


Monday & Wednesday @ 5:45-6:45 pm, starting November 2nd  


Appleton Wheel & Sprocket in the CompuTrainer Studio 

Training with Power Differance:

*CompuTrainers are the newest training device in indoor cycling

*CompuTrainers allow you to track you power output, cadence, mph, spin scan analysis,

and the ability to ride different courses

*Power threshold training to set your optimum training zones

* Train in the exact Zone you need to be in to maximize your results.

No over training- No under training!

*Classes cover ride skills for all levels of riders including proper form, technique,

efficient pedal stroke, pace setting, climbing, standing, aero position riding

Training with Power classes will be lead by USA Triathlon Cer�fied Coach Nathan Ennis

Cost: $125 for 8 week session/2 sessions per week

To Register fill out form and bring into Wheel & Sprocket in Appleton

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